You can also do the unlocking using a very light weight or small size software called "codewriter", follow the link below to download codewriter;

Download Center

1. Slot your usb modem, install drivers such that every thing is working.
2. Open codewriter and click the button "Please Select Com Port" and then choose "Detect"
3. It will detect the modem automatically and then choose "Accept"
4. Codewriter now will present information about the usb modem, like the firmware version, IMEI number, date, etc.
5. Copy the IMEI number down, click "Unlock Modem"
6. It will present you with a small form requesting for unlock code. It already has 0000000 in the box.
7. Now with the IMEI number, go to (or download a software from our downloads section) and type in or paste in the IMEI number of your usb modem into the IMEI box on the webpage
8. Enter security code shown on webpage and click the 'Calculate' button
9. It will give you the 'unlock' code and 'flash' code of the usb modem.
10. Now copy the 'unlock' into codewriter's 00000000 box and click ok

Thats it, this simple, now your modem can work with any network chip.


  1. Thanks for giving information.
    One of my friends tried this way of huawei modem unlocking.But she got fail and her maximum unlocking possibilities also finished.So she suggested don't try this way of unlocking.Better try any one of the online unlocking service.So i unlocked my modem with a help of I never had any problem.