Hi Friends, Here's a Way to Password protect your Emails. i know now many of you are wondering why do we need to password protect our E-mails? Well There are many reasons why we need to. one of them being that if you send a very confidential or personal e-mail to someone and if his E-mail Id gets hacked then all your valuable data or emotions will be on the hackers hand. so here today i'm going am going to show you how to password protect your E-mails While sending them.


  • Visit the Lockbin website on this link
  •  Fill in the below form with the password you want to set for your E-mail.
  • In the Text Field Write You valuable message.

Click on 
  • Submit and the Receiver gets a Link in his inbox
  • Now when the Recipient gets the E-mail He or she will need to click on the link and enter the secret password or else the mail will not be disclosed !
            ENJOY THIS TRICK

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